Bhag Filaria Bhag campaign in Simdega


The idea of implementing ‘Bhaag Filaria Campiagn’ was proposed by the Aspirational District Fellow Satwik Mishra to the then Deputy Commissioner of Simdega Dr. Jata Shankar Choudhary. The DC readily accepted the idea and instructed the Civil Surgeon Dr. PK Sinha to get the same implemented in association with TADP Cell, Simdega.


It was a three phased campaign under which all 75 Multi-Purpose Workers (MPWs) of District Malaria Office were given training under TOT (Training of Trainers) mode to turn them into master trainers, by the experts of concerned issue, in the first phase. In the second phase, these MPWs were assigned several schools (date wise) and this list was also shared with the education department to get desired compliance from their end. A schedule duty was assigned to all the MPWs as per following format:

Sl. No. Name of MPW Name of School Date Time No. of Participants Attended Sign of Principal of School

The team made it sure that each and every student of Middle and high School of the district are targeted under the campaign. To drive student’s interest in the informative workshops organized under campaign, quizzes were also conducted and winners were rewarded at school level.

It was realized that people were afraid of taking IDA drugs initially, in the fear of becoming the Guinea pigs. In the third phase of the campaign, the government officers were asked totake the drugs and videos were shot, covering the same. When these videos reached out to public, their fear of facing any unwanted consequences for consuming the IDA drug vanished