Lalima Campaign in Kanker District of Jharkhand for early detection of Anemia and its treatment

Why the Need

Anemia has been a serious health issue in India, especially in tribal-dominated areas. According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4), 67.7 percent of rural women between the ages of 15 – 49 are anemic. Pregnant and Lactating women, and Adolescent girls receive mandatory IFA tablets as part of ANC, PNC, and WIFS program, however out of school girls and other women are missing this benefit.

More often, a woman learns about being anemic during her first ANC. Efforts made to improve HB do not give desired results during pregnancy. Most women do not follow the prescribed dose of IFA tablets due to severe lack of awareness regarding Anemia and its ill effects. Anemic women often give birth to a low birth weight baby, who becomes malnourished. Female child among them grow up to be anemic adults, and the vicious cycle of anemia continues.

Project Objective:

  • To test all women between 15 – 49 Years of age for Iron Deficiency and Sickle cell anemia, and provide treatment;
  • To spread awareness regarding anemia, its causes, effects, preventive measures and curative treatment including deworming, family planning and personal hygiene;
  • To promote locally available foods (green leafy vegetables, moringa and its leaves, millets like kodo, ragi, pulses, eggs, meat etc.) and Nutrition Gardens as effective preventive measures to combat anemia;
  • Promote discussion on women’s health (especially anemia) as an agenda point in village level organization meetings