Project Angan, Model Anganwadis in Chatra District of Jharkhand


‘Chatra’ District is situated in the Northern region of Jharkhand. Earlier it was a subdivision of Hazaribagh district and later was created as a district in 1991. Chatra is surrounded by District Gaya in north, Hazaribag in East, Palamu in West and by Latehar in South West. The District is located at 24012’16” N 54052’37″E.

The economy of the people primarily revolves around agriculture, forest, animal husbandry and minerals. Around 60% of the total gross area of the district is covered by forest. The district is rich in Coal and coal extraction of Rs 4 billion (approx.) happens in the district every year. ‘Amrapali’, ‘Magadh’, ‘Ashoka’, ‘Piparwar’ and ‘Purnadih’’ are the major industries involved in the coal extraction. Revenue in form of District Mineral Funds (DMF) is one of the major fund available with the District Administration.

Chatra has witnessed a very serious phase of extremists’ violence by number of banned Left Wing Extremist Organization. However with the continuous Co-ordinated efforts in recent past by the District Administration, has successfully able to control on a large extent, the red tide of the naxal wave. Due to slow pace of development over many decades, Chatra has been identified as an Aspirational District, by NITI Aayog, Govt. of India. Special focus will be given to the District Administration by the Central govt. and State govt. ‘Health & Nutrition’, ‘Education’, ‘Agriculture & Water Resources’, ‘Financial Inclusion & Skill Development’, and ‘Basic Infrastructure’ are the prime areas of focus.