Suposhit Bastar Abhiyan

ISSUE: There is a strong association between anaemia and malaria and these diseases were quite common in Bastar district. State Government has declared the entire Bastar division as a high burden area in case of malnutrition after completing the Wajan Tihwar among the children in Anganwadi centers in March 2017

WHAT WAS DONE: The Suposhit Bastar Abhiyan is package of health care and counseling services that offers addresses a wide range of Malnutrition. It takes care of almost anything that would be required for a malnourished child. The package of services takes care of free medical check-ups, free nutritious foods facilities to both mother and child after health check-ups, free medicines and counseling to the malnourished children and his/her mothers.

Who are benifieted : The total number of 46, 106 severe and moderate malnourished children and their parents are benefited from the Yojna. The major beneficiaries are malnourished children are benefited in the form of free health check-ups, free medicines, free nutritious food and counseling. The severe malnourished children referred to NRC centre for 14 days stay.

RESULTS: The malnutrition rate in the district has come down from 36 % to 24 % in this year as per the MPR data. After this initiative, District Collector and WCD department already have proposed and sanctioned 23, 98,900 rupees for the 14 model Anganwadi in the district.