Piyush Bhilegaonkar

Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh

Education: PGDM, Indian Institute of Forest Management

Last Employer: Swaniti Initiative


An Engineer turned into a Development Sector Professional; I belong to Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Owing to my work I’ ve had the opportunity of working across various geographies in the country and with the poorest of the poor and most deprived communities. My work mostly has been to work with the government departments in various capacities and supplement their functioning.

I have extensively worked in multiple thematic areas including Livelihood, Financial Inclusion, and Rural Entrepreneurship amongst others.

As an Aspirational District Fellow, I would strive to continue and improve upon the work that I have been doing in the past few years. Getting to work under the mentorship of NITI Aayog and TRIF would help me to contribute better to the District and come up with solid measurable impact. I would also want to create some pilots by leveraging the District’ s capabilities so that these could be further scaled up and replicated.

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