Shubham Gupta

Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh

Education: Uttar Pradesh Technical University

Last Employer: Avanti Fellows


I am a firm believer of ‘Be the Change you want to see in the World’.

By nature, I am an adventurer who is always seeking to learn new things, experiment with ideas, explore new places, and gain valuable experiences of a lifetime. And because of this curious nature, my core interest lie in diverse fields – like Rural Development, Business & Entrepreneurship, Indic Knowledge Systems, Politics, and Policy & Governance. I had been preparing for the UPSC Civil Services exam since 2019. But the second wave of COVID-19 made me more impatient towards contributing to nation-building here & now rather than waiting for the day I clear the exam, and that’ s why I am here. I am also an SBI Youth For India (2017-18) alumnus. During the SBI fellowship, I worked with Aga Khan Rural Support Programme-India in Dharampuri block of Dhar, M.P. with the Bhil/Bhilala tribe on Digital Literacy and Local Self-Governance. Also, I’ m an alumnus of Rashtram School of Public Leadership – having attended their Good Governance Yatra in 2018. I have also worked with the Foreign Affairs department of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) during the 2019 Indian general (Lok Sabha) elections. Through ADF, I’ m seeking to learn more about the functioning of the administrative system and to get a feeling of fulfillment by contributing my bit in improving the quality of life of the people of my assigned district.

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