Piyush Raj

Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh

Education: BSc Zoology, Gaya College

Last Employer: Aripana Foundation


Prior to the AD Fellowship, I was engaged with Wipro Foundation as Sustainability educator for Wipro Earthian – the India ’ s largest sustainability education Program. During my tenure, I had the opportunity to work alongside the Aripana Education Fellowship vertical team in Bihar to improve the quality of education and empower the leadership and sustainability education competencies among the fellows.


Before this, I was a Gandhi Fellow, where I worked on educational indications of NITI to improve the student learning outcomes. During my career in the developmental sector, what makes me stand out from others is a combination of creative and analytical skills. Having worked in a variety of domains, I am adept in stakeholder management- with NGOs, government, community, and donors.

As an AD Fellow I look forward to the opportunity to create, design and implement the scalable model for sustainable development for the most stranded districts. I have a huge propensity and curiosity to learn and unlearn, and am constantly learning, growing and equipping myself with opportunities to keep growing. Always on the go!!!

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