Sruthi Kande

Khammam, Telangana

Education: Young India Fellowship, Ashoka University

Last Employer: Dr. Reddys Foundation


The word ‘Sruthi’ refers to versatility and creativity. It can be used to refer to somebody who tends to achieve anything they put their mind to, and to someone who has a driving urge to have multiple experiences to learn from. I can be taken for someone who lives up to my name!

Spending six of my formative years in the relative freedom of a boarding school (Rishi Valley) encouraged me to think independently and understand the world around me objectively. My experience in both the corporate (Google India) and development sector for the last four years has allowed me to taste the realities of life and observe how disconnected we are to them.

I am deeply motivated by issues of social development and governance. I intend to dedicate my career to alleviating social disparities and that is how I see myself contributing to the Aspirational Districts during the fellowship programme!

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