Vikas Sinhmar

Bhadradi Kothagudem, Telangana

Education: Engineering - Deen Bandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science & Technology and MBA - National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra


I did my engineering from Deen Bandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science & Technology, one of the finest engineering colleges in northern India and post that I earned my MBA from the National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra. Joining corporate and make good money seems a natural choice, so I stick to the plan for around 3 years. Since after joining the corporate I felt of having a void. My search for happiness and will of doing something for the society encouraged me to join Gandhi Fellowship. It was altogether a difficult decision to make. I needed a lot of courage to do this, as I had a very lucrative career in front of me which according to my parents was the safe and best choice. I had to keep aside all those obstacles and throw myself way out of comfort zone

The unforgettable experience of Community Immersion, First-Hand classroom experience taught me about the shortcomings of the school ecosystem and the grave pain that the people from grassroots are going through every day. I couldn’t be happier to say that the Fellowship has been enriching far beyond my expectations. It is deeply satisfying to see my efforts being translated into meaningful contributions and lastly bringing smiles on child’s face.

With my background in engineering plus management and interest in policy, the Aspirational district Fellowship shall act as a perfect bridge for me. As a public policy and political enthusiast, I have always been very curious to know about the whole process of law-making and I believe the journey of ADF would help me to get the clear understanding of that.

Hailing from the land of Mahabharata Kurukshetra, Haryana where life is very much different from the other parts of the country, ADF is allowing me to understand the people, culture their challenges and aspirations closely.

Apart from all this, I’m interested in various fields theatre, literature, poetry, photography, politics.

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